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OTC Reports
Osage Tribal Council Report Card

Note: The Name of the Author of this web site is unimportant.
This site has not been placed here for personal recognition.

The purpose of this site is to bring information to the Osage people. It is not meant to intentionally antagonize the members of the Osage Tribal Council or anyone affiliated with them. If however, by making our views public an posting the views of other concerned Osages as well, we cause them to re-think their positions and take more responsibility for the job they are doing, then that can only be a good thing.
It is hoped the information found in this report can help our people to become aware and better informed of the actions taken by our leadership. Actions that are directly related to each and every Wa'zha'zhe whether you be one of the few "Official" Tribal members which are left, or one of the thousands sharing an Osage ancestry the Tribe refuses to recognize.

The author is not a professional web site designer, so do not expect to find "pretty" graphics or special effects within this site. Emphasis is strictly on the information placed here to allow the Osage people to stay informed of exactly how and what the current (31st) Tribal Council is doing. My information comes from that which is public on the Osage Tribe's Official web site along with reading what can be found on the Unofficial Osage Nation Homepage. I do not claim to have any "inside sources" for information and am merely an Osage who is concerned about the future of my Tribe and my Nation.

I cannot alone make a difference other than also making public the concerns of all Osages. A forum, so to speak, to also allow the Tribal Council members to know and understand just what the concerns of the Nation's people are. I need your help. Through your submissions to this web site, we can make this a reality. I do not require that you agree with me or any other posts on the site. Discussion of all matters facing the Tribe and the Nation are welcome and encouraged.
You are not required anywhere to give your name, email, or any other personal information if you do not wish to do so.
Nothing you submit may be traced back to you by anyone for any reason.

If my analysis of any information provided by the sites listed above is errant, I sincerely invite members of the Council to submit any corrections or explanations. It certainly won't hurt their job performance ratings to attempt to make clear to the Osage people that which is obviously unclear.

If you like the site or at least the idea, please help by making submissions.

This site is updated every Thursday morning. New posts and submissions will be on site then, so please check back.

We too,are sorry to announce the death of Camille Pangburn, Osage Tribal Council member. Please visit either the Official Osage Tribe web site, or The Unofficial Web Site of the Osage Nation for more information and funeral arrangements.

The OTC Reports begin now - - -

06/01/03 -
  •   This report brings absolutely nothing of any real interest at all.. The Tribe's Official site has made a few insignificant updates and additions but nothing of any real note or importance. Somehow this is not surprising.
  •   We're glad to see Mr Essley and the Unofficial site back up and running. At least some actual news will be forthcoming for those regular viewers of his web site.
  •   As for this web site, I had hoped maybe the time had come to give the Osage people a voice and an avenue where they could express their opinions. Folks the days of using silence to show your disagreement with an issue is long gone along with most of the other things our elders and predecessors used to live. Thanks to those who have allowed our traditions and tribal beliefs to become nothing more than concern for when the next allotment check is coming, we no longer have the luxury of using traditional means or approaches to any of the issues which face us as a nation today. The Great White Father has no respect for your traditions or for you. He does not care if your next check comes or not. In fact, if it simply did not, it would make his life easier by having one less tribe of supposedly "sovereign" Indians to be concerned with. I'm sure you'll find plenty to voice opinion about then, when it is too damn late. In no way should you concern yourself at all with the ineptness and incompetence of those who are leading this tribe. Many of you still blindly believe in some sort of "special relationship" between the Osage and the all powerful U.S. Government. That special relationship wouldn't have anything to do with why the money owed the Osage tribe is more than double that owed any other tribe in the United States now would it. By the way, to the OTC... any word on that? You people really need to understand and accept the fact that this tribe as a whole is in big trouble and on the very edge of extinction. It needs qualified, strong, leaders that are not afraid of rocking the proverbial boat. These who lead you now are handing this tribe over to those who will use anything in their power to simply do away with the Osage. Thus, do away with the debt, the "supposed" roll issues, etc. Many U.S. Governmental problems would sweep quite nicely under the rug if no Osage were able to stand up against such happenings. A Tribal Council who merely plays at government and accepts their paychecks is unacceptable. And YOU, yes that would be YOU WHO ARE AFRAID TO OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND SPEAK need to find the gumption and fortitude to get off your ass and defend not just yourself, but your children and your children's children. The time for silent votes is past. Today, silence is understood as acceptance, (I hope this is just the opposite of what you intend). If not, we are all doomed as a people.. Get up, Get out, and go find a job.. you're going to need it. Might want to think about teaching your kids to work too.
    Have a good day.

    05/08/03 -

  •   This week brings no news from the Official Web Site at all. Is the rebirth of interest in the web site already over? That would match the way it was re-vamped when the new Tribal Council took over I suppose but still, we sure hope not. It would seem that if they went to the trouble and expense to hire someone especially for this purpose, the rest of the departments could now show a little more cooperation.
  • - - - Regarding the Unofficial Osage Nation Web Site, we understand that there has recently been a death in the family and that the web site is low on the priority list for awhile. Our prayers go out to Mr. Essley and his family.
    This week's submissions include:
    I guess though, that as a news and comments web site, I can't give too much weight to the above complaint, no one has submitted anything to this site during the last week, so I have nothing new to offer either.

    05/01/03 - This week brought a few welcome changes to the OTC's Official site. They have apparently hired a new person who's job it will be to collect current and new information from the different departmental offices for inclusion on the site.
    Three especially welcome additions of note this week were:
  •   An entirely new section for the Senior Housing Dept. which even includes a Calendar showing the Title VI meal schedule for the month. If they will actually keep this current, it may prove to be a useful source for those trying to make plans or at least know what's coming. Even if the information provided does not pertain to all Osages, it is pertinent to those who are registered in the Title VI program and is a good effort by the department to share information, as well as shows a well coordinated effort by this department in carrying out its responsibilities to those in need.
  •   The Tribal Museum reports that the long awaited shopping cart is expected to be online by June 1st. It seems as though "Coming Soon" has been a very long time in the "Coming" but none the less, this will be a welcome addition to the site. The set-up of a working shopping cart, secure servers for being able to protect a buyer's credit card info, and placing an inventory onto web pages is a very complicated and time consuming project so a well deserved "thumbs-up" to those behind the scenes who are getting this together. I know Osages all around the country that have never before been able to do so, will be happy to finally have access to purchase from our own Tribal Museum. Although the Osage Tribal Museum was the first Tribally Owned Museum of its kind, it won't hold that distinction on the World Wide Web. It will, however, if my personal visits remember correctly, offer many more and different items than are available through other Online Storefronts of its kind. We look forward to seeing it in action and you reading this will need to act quickly if you are going to beat me to being one of the first to utilize this great new opportunity.
  •   Along with the new "Updates Directory" which now allows us to find just what has been added or updated to the site recently, is an actual "Upcoming Events" Page! I know, this has always been there, but it now has something on it. Not only a very nice rework of the official poster "Celebrating 65" for the Tribal Museum's Anniversary, but also a Monthly Schedule of Events which even lists this month's scheduled OTC meetings.

    In my opinion, Staci Eagle Elk, the new employee mentioned above, is off to a good start on the site overall and I for one, appreciate the newly revived effort to make the Official Web Site of the Osage Nation into a strong presence on the Internet like it was meant to be when first begun by John Essley and members of the 30th Tribal Council. I truly hope it is a trend that will continue to grow.

    It once again shows a distinct Pride in being part of the Osage Nation.
    And - - - This, my friends, is not a bad thing.
    This week's submissions include:
    Two new entries in the Comments Forum.
    One new article submitted to General Concerns.

    Author's Note:  and those of you who came to the site last week in its beginning, thought OTC Reports would only be bad news and OTC bashing huh? As I remember them, my report cards showed both good and bad and were merely used as a means to show those interested my level of performance. I believe this site will be able to do the same in regards to the Tribal Council and matters regarding the Osage Nation. I am not "anti" 31st Tribal Council as some of you preferred to believe, I am "anti bad for the Osage Nation". If any of you have a problem with that, you should go live with the Navaho.

    04/24/03 - OTC Reports is begun with:
  •  Resolutions: Voting statistics by Council Membership. A serious inspection of these Report Cards should cause all Osages to become concerned for the future welfare of not only yourself, but more importantly that of your children and grandchildren (7 generations).
    The information included in these reports is the actual voting records taken from the Osage Tribal Council Meeting Minutes exactly as they are posted on the Official Osage Tribe Web site at

    Articles: Category:

    Tribal Council Meetings
    The need for Special Meetings?
    Resolutions: Voting statistics by Council Membership for Year 2002
    Resolutions: Voting statistics by Council Membership for Year 2003

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